There appears to be a need for clarification regarding the opportunities available to Meldrum Academy pupils in relation to Foundation Apprenticeships. The following should hopefully clarify.

  1. Meldrum Academy pupils wishing to follow a FA can only do this through the NESCol offer in session 19/20. All the information regarding FA frameworks is on our blog page detailing the NESCol school links offer.  (The FA part is at the bottom). Quick link here. Whilst Aberdeenshire Council are developing a model of in-school delivery, Meldrum Academy is not part of this scheme in Session 19/20
  2. All FA frameworks except Engineering (either Electrical or Mechanical) or Civil Engineering are available as either one or two year models through NESCol. 
  3. As the one year model requires the equivalent of two days out of school per week this is only really suitable for pupils entering S6 as there is more flexibility within their timetable to manage variations to their other subjects.
  4. Pupils entering S5 and wishing to take a FA should be applying under the two-year model as this requires only one day per week out of school (as is the case with most other school links courses)
  5. Meldrum Academy pupils taking school links courses choose these in addition to their in school subject choices and not instead of one course choice.  This model has worked well for our pupils in the past and we see no reason to change this meantime.  This is the same expectation for any pupil choosing an FA over two years (S5/6).  NESCol, at their FA Open Evenings have been telling parents/pupils that an FA is taken instead of one of their subject choices however this is not the case in all schools and is incorrect for Meldrum Academy.  Likewise, a letter about to be circulated to parents from SDS and Aberdeenshire Council states something similar which again is incorrect in relation to Meldrum Academy pupils.
  6. A pupils entering S6 and starting a FA will be out of school for the equivalent of two days per week.  In terms of Meldrum Academy‚Äôs points system for S6 choices this will count as 10 points.

Should you have any queries regarding FAs or other NESCol school-links options please contact the relevant Pastoral Care teacher in school in the first instance.