Current S2 pupils will be issued with their Personalisation and Choice Forms for entering S3 in session 19/20 at an assembly on Tuesday 19th February. An electronic copy of the form is available at the link here.
A parental information session for parents of current S2 to explain the process was held on Wednesday 20th February. The presentation shared on this evening can be viewed here.
Information sheets relating to each subject on offer are available by clicking on the subject name below.
Modern Languages (3 periods)
French German German (fast track) Spanish (fast track) Languages for Life
Creative & Expressive Arts (3 periods)
Art & Design Drama Music PE Studies (traditional) PE Studies (creative)
Science (3 periods)
Science with Biology Science with Chemistry Science with Physics Science Health & Technology
Social Studies (3 periods)
Business Management Social Subjects with Geography Social Subjects with History Social Subjects with Modern Studies
Technologies (3 periods)
Admin & IT Computing Science Design with Practical Craft Home Economics Music Technology
All pupils must select one subject from each of the curricular areas as above and in addition may add one free choice from any of the subjects listed above. All pupils must also select one subject from the list of 2-period options in the table below
Free Choice – (2 periods options)
Accounting Biology Chemistry French (dual linguists)
Graphic Communication Media Music Technology Physics
Science Health & Technology Scottish Studies Steps to Work Travel & Tourism
In addition to the optional choices above, all pupils will also follow a core programme consisting of the following compulsory subjects.
Compulsory Core Subjects
English (4 periods) Mathematics (4 periods) Core P.E (2 periods) Core RMPS (1 period) P.S.E (1 period)