The Sutton Trust is an organisation which promotes access to university for young people from deprived backgrounds or from backgrounds where they would be the first in the family to attend university.  The following is information from their website:

We work to combat educational inequality and prevent the subsequent waste of talent.  We are particularly concerned with breaking the link between educational opportunities and family background, and in realising a system in which young people are given the chance to prosper, regardless of their family background, school or neighbourhood. Low social mobility and lack of educational opportunity is arguably the biggest social challenge of our times: the income gap between the richest and poorest in society continues to widen, while education opportunities remain overwhelmingly dominated by children from the most privileged homes

One of the opportunities that they support is summer schools for current S5 pupils at either St Andrews or Edinburgh Universities.  Applications for the 2018 UK programme are now open and the deadline for applications is the 8th of March 2018

Further information on Sutton Trust programmes (which include a programme for study in the USA) can be found on their website at  Alternatively pupils should speak to their Pastoral Care teacher to discuss.

Mrs MacLeod