From August 2017, new, national standardised assessments (SNSA) have been introduced in all schools in Scotland. These assessments will provide an additional source of nationally consistent evidence for teachers to use when assessing children’s progress.

From June 2016, teachers of P1, P4, P7 and S3 classes were asked at the end of every school year whether children have achieved the relevant Curriculum for Excellence level for their stage in reading, writing, talking and listening (literacy), and their ability to understand and work with numbers (numeracy). Most children are expected to have achieved the early level by the end of P1, first level by the end of P4, second level by the end of P7 and third and fourth level by the end of S3.

The Scottish Government publish the information received from teachers, to show the percentage of children who have achieved Curriculum for Excellence levels in literacy and numeracy in individual schools, across councils and at a national level. No individual child will be identifiable from published information.