All pupils attending School Links College Courses at any of the main college campuses are now entitled to Student Smart Cards.   Pupils who wish to have a Smart Card and access the various benefits that accompany this should check their personal email account for information and instructions on how to apply. Please check your personal email account – this is the one you provided when you completed your application at the start of term. Pupils who did not provide an email address should report to Student Services for assistance.

Pupils can only apply for their card using the email sent to them as they have personalised links behind the scenes. You are asked to follow the instructions carefully as the most common reason for the card being delayed is uploading a photo which doesn’t meet the criteria.  The college require a passport style photo.  Photo ID will need to be provided when collecting your card, please see below collection locations for each campus. For those who don’t have photo ID there is a form that can be obtained from the SmartCard collection point and your teacher, or other appropriate persons can validate it and the card can be issued when the form is returned.


  • Aberdeen City Campus collection point – Student Advice Centre
  • Altens Campus collection point – Altens Library
  • Fraserburgh Campus collection point – Central Administration Office