All parents of pupils at Meldrum Academy (as well as parents of current P7 pupils who will be at the Academy next year) are members of the Parent Forum. As members of the Parent Forum, you are invited to attend the Annual Meeting of the Parent Council which will take place on Wednesday 14th June at 7:15pm in the staff room at Meldrum Academy.
At this meeting, the following items will be discussed

  1. An annual report on the work of the Parent Council
  2. Selection of the new Parent Council.
  3. Identification of issues that members may wish the Parent Council to pursue over the coming session.

The main functions of your Parent Council are to:

  • Support the school in its work with pupils and parents.
  • Represent the views of parents.
  • Promote contact and communication between the school, parents, pupils and the community.

We have a very active Parent Council at Meldrum Academy which, over the past year has;

  • Represented parents’ views in consultation with Aberdeenshire Council and the Scottis Government.
  • Reviewed and discussed a wide range of school matters from SQA exam performance to safe routes from the school to the new supermarket.
  • Supported the establishment of our school’s Family Learning group and Business Partnership.
  • Organised an Internet Safety event for over 1000 pupils, staff and parents from across the Meldrum Cluster.
  • Organised a hugely enjoyable concert by Phil Cunningham and Aly Bain that entertained over 350 friends from the community and raised a substantial sum for school activities.
  • Arranged sponsorship for a calendar with all profits going to the school.
  • Organised a tremendous Dragon’s Den that allowed pupil groups to pitch for over £2400 investment that was on offer from Parent Council funds.